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Colorado Marijuana Edibles and Eateries

by Weed Rentals
June 11, 2014
Category:   Tips

Colorado has some of the best food in the world! And with the legalization of pot, Colorado has given “baked” a whole new meaning. There are so many places that not only let you buy your own premium marijuana, but eat it too! Weed Rentals has the inside scoop on where to get these delectable delicacies.

Ganja Gourmet


Ganja Gourmet is one of Denver’s premier marijuana eateries. Doubling as a dispensary, Ganja Gourmet offers more than just pot brownies. Their menu includes:

– Paella

– Lasagna

– Jambalaya

– Cheesecakes

– And much more!

Ganja Gourmet is the place to go get higher one savory bite at a time!


Love’s Oven


If you are looking for tasty cannabis desserts, look no further. Love’s Oven looks just like any other bakery, but with a twist. All of their tasty treats are infused with marijuana. They offer a slew of baked goods that are sure to make your mouth water! Their menu includes:


-Love Bars


-Cookie Bars


– Pot Brownies

– Other baked goods

Love’s oven also offers snack mix, crackers and butter. Satisfy your sweet tooth at this marijuana friendly bakery with their many specially baked goods.


Simply Pure


Simply Pure is a great place to get your cannabis infused cooking ingredients. They offer sauces, butters, and oils that you can use to cook at your marijuana vacation rental. Some of their items are:

-Apple Butter

-Marinara Sauce

-Coconut Oil

-Peanut Butter

-Olive Oil

Simply pure uses all natural ingredients in their products, so you are sure to get great tasting products!


Sweet Grass Kitchen


Sweet Grass Kitchen is a great place to go if you are looking for some outstanding desserts! Their menu is short, but you are sure to find the perfect sweet! Their menu consists of:

-The Original Cookie

-The Truffle Brownie

-PB&J Cup

-Peanut Butter M&M Cookie

-Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

They like to emphasize on the quality of their limited product offerings that are staples in the “medible” community.


The Giving Tree of Denver


If you are looking for a little of everything, The Giving Tree of Denver has you covered. They offer candies, bars, cookies, tea, coffee…you name it, they got it! The Giving Tree is a dispensary, but they sure know how to cook up some awesome creations. So when you are taking your Colorado pot tour, head on in to The Giving Tree! Their menu includes:

-Brownie Cups

-Tons of Cookies


-Coffee and Tea



-Fruit Drops

-And so much more!

The Giving Tree of Denver is where you will find just the right edible for you! With their vast selection, you can’t go wrong.